Partners for over 20 years, Vincent and Vanessa share a love of the countryside and hospitality. Combining those loves has lead to the creation of this dream – a haven for people and animals in a place that reveres nature and a desire to welcome others and share the beauty and bounty with the wider world.

Vanessa has always been an activist and found Permaculture to be the best solution to the world’s problems. She has taken this love of the environment a step further and has dived into nature connection work while on a path of personal re-wilding and hopes to help people regain their sense of wonder.

Nature Connection education and camping

Vanessa spent all of 2017 working with a Dartmoor-based nature education company called WildWise, while also studying a programme called The Call of the Wild at Schumacher College in Totnes. She has also started down the path of the Art of Mentoring with the 8 Shields institute and is a fervent advocate for nature connection work and outdoor education. She plans to raise her son with a focus on wilderness education and experience and will be creating a camp in the woods to help others have the same gifts of learning from nature. Once this is up and running we will post information about events you can book for yourself and your children.